Saturday, 23 April 2011

One Piece episode 495 coming your way with something special!

If your eyes have been turning to calendars, in anticipation of the fresh dosage of entertainment from One Piece, then your wait is about to end. This April 24, 2011, brace yourself for something special from the kitty of extraordinary boy, who has the limitless reserves of determination- Money D. Luffy.

The title of the upcoming episode, "I Won't Run - Ace's Do-or-Die Rescue Operation,” proofs this expectation. It clearly indicates that a must-execute mission will put Ace’s life under immediate danger. But, what will be the mission?

Grab the opportunity to watch One Piece episode 495 online (after its telecast) right here and fetch your answers.

Not long ago, we were led right into the mysterious past of Luffy, in a particular episode. This episode also highlighted the relationship between him and Ace. Moreover, the introduction of bandit Curly Dadan got the viewers into a nail-biting mode. Thereafter, Luffy’s meeting with Curly instilled more spice into the plot.

With One Piece season 3’s storyline having reached a curiosity-amplifying juncture, it will be interesting to follow the next sequence of events. If you want to know it all, download One Piece series’ forthcoming episode 495 from here, after its telecast.

Soon, you will be all immersed in exploring the unexplored corners of One Piece world. Eye-popping surprises will surface up, as the quest for the world’s most precious treasure moves forward. So, are you ready for stepping inside an adventurous joyride of entertainment?

Do not miss even a minute of the fun!


razet said...

Good post for me, Actually last time on 24th April I have missed this episode. Now I am so happy because I got very good reliable source from your this post to watch one piece episode 495 online. Thanks a lot for this valuable post...

kabili said...

Hy thanks for this . I am a great fan of one piece and its my favorite anime. Luffy is really cute. Thanks for the episode details and link..

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