Friday, 15 April 2011

Will One Piece Episode 494 be Poignant too?

Hello Guys!

I have been watching One Piece regularly, ever since its inception.

I even have the avocation of collecting all the episodes of and I am quite used to searching over internet to download the segments. The gripping story has made me quite eager to get One Piece 494 too!

Well, I was never as antsy for any episode as I am for the upcoming one! This excitement owes to the previous installment of One Piece. After watching it, I am expecting the next segment to be as entertaining as it was!

You must be wondering, what made the previous episode so special! Well, let me tell you about it. It was all about Luffy’s imagination, a sort of flashback sequence. In reality, it was Luffy reeling under the shock of Ace’s death.

It saw Garp leaving Luffy to reside with Dadan family. Once there, Luffy runs into Ace. As soon as Ace saw Luffy, a feeling of hatred evolved in his heart!

Luffy got the hint that Ace didn’t like him, making him all the more eager to win over Ace, as a friend. Luffy tried to befriend him and pursued him for three whole months, every day!

But, Ace wasn’t open to this friendship and even let Luffy to a river full of crocodiles! Ace made him walk through treacherous high mountains, and wade dangerous rivers.

It was disheartening to see Ace dominating Luffy. Such emotional sequences are rarely seen in the action-filled series. After this entirely different segment, I am eager to watch One Piece episode 494 online. You must also be browsing for this one, right!

So friends, just wait for the episode to air. I am sure One Piece will not dishearten its fans!


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