Friday, 6 May 2011

One Piece episode 497 to Reveal Sabo's past mysteries!

They say that we are, what we are because of our past, and what better way to explain this than a popular anime series? In One Piece, this belief gets proven as the viewers are taken into a flashback, explaining the mysterious past of Sabo.

As one sees the episode 496, one can clearly make out that why Sabo is the way he is. His past experiences are revealed and viewers come to terms with the foundation that he laid.

It shows that the trio of Luffy, Sabo and Ace continue on their escapades and as they continue to do what they are best at, on an island, a strange happening occurs, a stranger recognizes Sabo from his past and as a result, it gets revealed to both his partners. Will this revelation affect their partnership and friendship? Now that is something that we will have to see when we watch One Piece episode 497 online (after its telecast).

The flashback thing worked pretty well for this story arc, as it led to a very neat and clear defining of the outlines of various characters. By focusing on Sabo’s life, it shifted the epicenter of attention away from Luffy and Ace. This brought a whole lot of freshness to the show!

Truly a forward-thinking approach by the makers! Hitting the iron when it is hot is all you need to do to ensure success and the makers of this show seem pretty adept at doing that.

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