Saturday, 14 May 2011

One Piece episode 498 sees Luffy as an Apprentice!

Post-war arcs can be a little longer than war and it is an entirely different one because it has completely changed the lives of Luffy, and other characters of the show! 

The arc is on the verge of another twist, with more entertainment in store for us. 
Perhaps, it would take us closer to the treasure! I can’t say much on this, as this show is known for keeping it all under wraps. 
The previous segment of the series saw Luffy and his troupe getting a beating from Garp! It created a huge trouble for them all. It landed them on a tree top, holed up inside a makeshift hideout! 
The havoc has been going on from long, and had compelled them to hide themselves in this remote place. But, their plan of living in isolation failed, when someone recognized Sabo! 
And the most striking thing about this stranger is that he knows Sabo well, actually too well, and it may mire the friendship of the trio! 
This can be dangerous for Sabo, but I think there would be some solution popping up in One Piece 498.
Don’t forget to watch One Piece episode 498 online to find if Sabo continues to hog the limelight, or Luffy takes the centre stage! 
These days, Luffy has been living the life of an apprentice, and has been learning lots of things. A new challenge has been waiting for this man, so let’s see what happens next! 
I really liked their secret little hideout, atop a dense tree. Would it keep them out of danger, away from the harsh glare of the enemy? 
Beware Luffy; danger is on its way!


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