Friday, 17 June 2011

One Piece episode 503 brings another round of adventure!

Gradually, the ongoing arc has become so engrossing, that everyone is tempted to know about the upcoming segment well in advance. And if you are also one of them, stay tuned for a foresight into the next segment! Here we go!
As you all know, the Bluejam Pirates have been after the life of Ace and his mother, Dadan. But she is as strong as any other member of the pirate groups. Her strength and valor justify her as the mother of great pirates like Luffy and Ace.
In the last segment, the woman fought bravely with her son Ace, to shun away the pirates of the Bluejam clique. Owing to her, Luffy and her family got a chance to escape from the place. Her antics made me all the more eager to watch the next plan of Blujam Pirates.
What say you?
It was one of the must watch installments of the series, laced with incredible fighting sequences. And don’t go thinking that Luffy acted a coward, as he had little chance against the whole troupe of Bluejam Pirates, with no one else to help him.
It seems that Sabo is all set to start his new life, as he has left the island. He arrived on this decision after several debates and discussions. Moreover, it seems like he didn’t want to confront the Celestial Dragon, as he left the same day when Celestial Dragon was about to arrive! Good thinking Sabo!
On the other hand, Sabo’s father has been desperately searching for his son. The more he tries, the more difficult it becomes. It will be very interesting to catch One Piece episode 503 and see where this father-son chase takes him to.


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