Friday, 29 April 2011

Watch One Piece Episode 496 For Some Unanticipated Portrayals!

Hello everyone!

So are you ready to get another dose of entertainment from the most adventurous show One Piece? I suppose everyone must have enjoyed the previous installment.

The depiction in the preceding segment ignites a spark for another action-packed show. And undoubtedly, you must be waiting to download the entertainment laced in One Piece Episode 496 as soon as it hits the screen.
Previously, we encountered a fierce battle of Sabo and Ace against Porchemy. Luffy’s life fell in jeopardy when Porchemy recognized that Luffy knows about the treasure. It was a breath-taking rescue of Luffy by Ace and Sabo!

But, Bluejam was furious with Porchemy because of his unsuccessful mission. Now, Bluejam’s rage creates room for another combat! There are chances where Bluejam may strike back and fulfill Porchemy’s mission. Therefore, another war is anticipated in the next display of action-packed events.

Now for the one thing, which I noted in the previous episode! And that was the dissimilarity between the manga series and the display in anime series.

You must know that during the combat, Luffy used Gomu Gomu no Fusen against Porchemy. It was displayed that, he utilized this power for the first time. But, the manga shrieks of something else!

As per the manga, Luffy made use of it for the first time when he tackled Buggy in Orange town. He used it for redirecting cannonballs. And, Luffy was intimidated by Sabo and Ace because, his body turned into a rubber.

Well, this presentation in One Piece has stunned me! Everything isn’t as depicted in the manga. The unexpected can happen anytime!

Therefore, a question arises! Will there be an unanticipated display in the next episode too? To know the answer, I need to go through the show.

And I suppose, you will approach the internet to watch One Piece episode 496 online to witness the fun again and again, as you have been doing since the past many years.

Therefore, wait for the segment to hit the screen and acquaint yourself with some unanticipated action and twists. Enjoy!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

One Piece episode 495 coming your way with something special!

If your eyes have been turning to calendars, in anticipation of the fresh dosage of entertainment from One Piece, then your wait is about to end. This April 24, 2011, brace yourself for something special from the kitty of extraordinary boy, who has the limitless reserves of determination- Money D. Luffy.

The title of the upcoming episode, "I Won't Run - Ace's Do-or-Die Rescue Operation,” proofs this expectation. It clearly indicates that a must-execute mission will put Ace’s life under immediate danger. But, what will be the mission?

Grab the opportunity to watch One Piece episode 495 online (after its telecast) right here and fetch your answers.

Not long ago, we were led right into the mysterious past of Luffy, in a particular episode. This episode also highlighted the relationship between him and Ace. Moreover, the introduction of bandit Curly Dadan got the viewers into a nail-biting mode. Thereafter, Luffy’s meeting with Curly instilled more spice into the plot.

With One Piece season 3’s storyline having reached a curiosity-amplifying juncture, it will be interesting to follow the next sequence of events. If you want to know it all, download One Piece series’ forthcoming episode 495 from here, after its telecast.

Soon, you will be all immersed in exploring the unexplored corners of One Piece world. Eye-popping surprises will surface up, as the quest for the world’s most precious treasure moves forward. So, are you ready for stepping inside an adventurous joyride of entertainment?

Do not miss even a minute of the fun!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Will One Piece Episode 494 be Poignant too?

Hello Guys!

I have been watching One Piece regularly, ever since its inception.

I even have the avocation of collecting all the episodes of and I am quite used to searching over internet to download the segments. The gripping story has made me quite eager to get One Piece 494 too!

Well, I was never as antsy for any episode as I am for the upcoming one! This excitement owes to the previous installment of One Piece. After watching it, I am expecting the next segment to be as entertaining as it was!

You must be wondering, what made the previous episode so special! Well, let me tell you about it. It was all about Luffy’s imagination, a sort of flashback sequence. In reality, it was Luffy reeling under the shock of Ace’s death.

It saw Garp leaving Luffy to reside with Dadan family. Once there, Luffy runs into Ace. As soon as Ace saw Luffy, a feeling of hatred evolved in his heart!

Luffy got the hint that Ace didn’t like him, making him all the more eager to win over Ace, as a friend. Luffy tried to befriend him and pursued him for three whole months, every day!

But, Ace wasn’t open to this friendship and even let Luffy to a river full of crocodiles! Ace made him walk through treacherous high mountains, and wade dangerous rivers.

It was disheartening to see Ace dominating Luffy. Such emotional sequences are rarely seen in the action-filled series. After this entirely different segment, I am eager to watch One Piece episode 494 online. You must also be browsing for this one, right!

So friends, just wait for the episode to air. I am sure One Piece will not dishearten its fans!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Get ready to sail on Thousand Sunny pirate ship for short cruises!

It’s only the love & the admiration of the fans for the show, which motivate the creators of One Piece to exude something fresh & adventurous every time. Well, it ultimately makes the show to touch new heights and the freshness of the episodes let the fans to download One Piece in their leisure.

Considering the craze of the fans for the show, the creators have introduced various things ranging from One Piece TV show to comics, video games and films.

Now again, there is good news for all the die-hard fans of the show and that is, after all sorts of entertainment, which are linked to the title of the anime show, there is one thing which is coming direct your way in the form of a theme park.

Yes, till now you all must be connecting to One Piece episodes online to have the fun but now you have another way to connect yourself to the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and i.e. the theme park itself!

The news must have made your day! So, get ready to be a part of the thriller adventurous ride with Luffy.

Well! The amazing idea has been brought up by the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in the Japanese city of Sasebo. The idea is to create the carbon copy of One Piece’s Thousand Sunny pirate ship.


Wow! Now each one of you can sail on the Thousand Sunny pirate ship and have the experience of being a part of the adventure, as the ship will be for the short cruises.

It means you not only can have the feel of the ship by resorting to watch One Piece online but can actually sail it & enjoy it by visiting the theme park.

Those of you, who are sitting far and only wish to know the details, here is presented some more on the news! 

The ship is about 100 feet long and weighs about 430 tons. It has the capacity to accommodate about 250 people at a time. That means fans visiting it don’t need to wait long for their turn!

Even if you are unable to land up there, need not to worry; as you can enjoy the astounding ship while you watch One Piece series here.