Saturday, 28 May 2011

One Piece episode 500- Sure to surprise us to the core!

Yes darlings! I meant what I said and frankly, it deserves the credit I am giving it! Well, it wasn’t suiting everyone’s appetite when the series decided to go in for a flash back (and a pretty big one at that!)

But VIOLAH! Hasn’t this baby turned around! Come to think of it and you’d realize the deftness with which it enrolled everyone to not only watch its new arc, but also sheepishly love it!
Well, it’s no wonder now that the arc is a hit! Few would have predicted it when the flash back began, but the phoenix that the show is has risen, and is aloft!
Take its latest episode, for example, wasn’t the whole story with the tiger and revenge, a hot property?  If not that, then watching these young pirates grow into, what they have become by now becomes painfully addictive! No prizes for guessing, One Piece episode 500 is one heavily-anticipated piece of television that is expected to see download on regular basis.

And mind you, it does pretty business teaching some character building stuff as well. Take episode 499 for starters, when ace defeats the tiger, he declares that since all three of them had worked together, none stands out and hence, no one gets to captain the ship! Talk about team spirit eh?

I am sure One Piece 500 wouldn’t disappoint its predecessors and would do complete justice to the ‘Oh My Gawd’ of the legacy that it carries!

So people, you may clasp those hands or knock thy knuckles, the verdict is out, One Piece is some pretty awesome show, and will always remain the same.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Will One Piece Episode 499 Focus on the Adventurous Escapades of Luffy, Ace and Sabo?

I am sure you have experienced the full-on entertainment dished out by the last aired episode of One Piece. And I can say, without any hesitation, that you are waiting for the latest episode to dish out more fun and excitement. 

In ‘Apprentice Luffy! The Man who Fought the Pirate King!’, which was the last aired episode, we got to see how Luffy, Ace and Sabo had all the fun and adventure in chasing the great tiger that was after their food stuff. That installment also brought the feud between Sabo and Luffy, which ensued when the identity of the former’s father was revealed. 
I have a gut feeling that in the next episode, we might get to see how the pirates hired by Sabo’s parents, trace him along with Luffy and Ace. 
This means that you cannot afford to skip the happenings of the coming installment. However, if you do end up missing them, then come here to watch One Piece episode 499 online (after its telecast). Let me inform, that after that, you can download the same as well. 
Just like other One Piece episodes, the forthcoming one is also expected to have a surprise package in store for you. Therefore, it will be interesting to watch whether it brings a new twist in the adventure-rich animation series.

Talking about the protagonist Luffy, all I can say is that this super monkey, with the ability of stretching himself like rubber, never misses any opportunity to jump into an adventurous mission. So, it remains to be seen what kind of adventurous streak he triggers in the forthcoming episode.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

One Piece episode 498 sees Luffy as an Apprentice!

Post-war arcs can be a little longer than war and it is an entirely different one because it has completely changed the lives of Luffy, and other characters of the show! 

The arc is on the verge of another twist, with more entertainment in store for us. 
Perhaps, it would take us closer to the treasure! I can’t say much on this, as this show is known for keeping it all under wraps. 
The previous segment of the series saw Luffy and his troupe getting a beating from Garp! It created a huge trouble for them all. It landed them on a tree top, holed up inside a makeshift hideout! 
The havoc has been going on from long, and had compelled them to hide themselves in this remote place. But, their plan of living in isolation failed, when someone recognized Sabo! 
And the most striking thing about this stranger is that he knows Sabo well, actually too well, and it may mire the friendship of the trio! 
This can be dangerous for Sabo, but I think there would be some solution popping up in One Piece 498.
Don’t forget to watch One Piece episode 498 online to find if Sabo continues to hog the limelight, or Luffy takes the centre stage! 
These days, Luffy has been living the life of an apprentice, and has been learning lots of things. A new challenge has been waiting for this man, so let’s see what happens next! 
I really liked their secret little hideout, atop a dense tree. Would it keep them out of danger, away from the harsh glare of the enemy? 
Beware Luffy; danger is on its way!

Friday, 6 May 2011

One Piece episode 497 to Reveal Sabo's past mysteries!

They say that we are, what we are because of our past, and what better way to explain this than a popular anime series? In One Piece, this belief gets proven as the viewers are taken into a flashback, explaining the mysterious past of Sabo.

As one sees the episode 496, one can clearly make out that why Sabo is the way he is. His past experiences are revealed and viewers come to terms with the foundation that he laid.

It shows that the trio of Luffy, Sabo and Ace continue on their escapades and as they continue to do what they are best at, on an island, a strange happening occurs, a stranger recognizes Sabo from his past and as a result, it gets revealed to both his partners. Will this revelation affect their partnership and friendship? Now that is something that we will have to see when we watch One Piece episode 497 online (after its telecast).

The flashback thing worked pretty well for this story arc, as it led to a very neat and clear defining of the outlines of various characters. By focusing on Sabo’s life, it shifted the epicenter of attention away from Luffy and Ace. This brought a whole lot of freshness to the show!

Truly a forward-thinking approach by the makers! Hitting the iron when it is hot is all you need to do to ensure success and the makers of this show seem pretty adept at doing that.

Hit the One Piece download tab to enjoy something different on your favorite anime series.