Saturday, 25 June 2011

Catch up with One Piece episode 504 for aderaline-rushing action!

There used to be a time when you thought of animation, all that came to your mind were big eyed, squishy characters. All that they did 24x7 was trying to make you laugh. No matter what the means, all that they were always concerned about was getting a smile on your face, as to watch you smile was their only concern.

Then came a time when action became the in-thing; all the animation shows were based on action and all that, the animated characters ever did was fight. Not any more! Like humans, TV too is always evolving. Today a time has come, when animation shows have moved beyond comedy and action. They have grown so big that even the most complex of emotions are not out of their reach.

Take One Piece episode 504 for example. If you would watch it, you would know that it is undoubtedly a complete package, as this episode in particular comes out from very emotional backgrounds. I say this, because in the previous episode, a very tragic development took place that would have moved even a stone to the core.

It was an episode that was about the death of a very important and loved character – Sabo. It happened when a celestial dragon attacked Sabo’s ship, and when Sabo tried to stand in its way, it killed him. At the other end, Ace and Dadan return to the ship. Dogra makes a return from the town, and on doing that, he informs them about the tragic news- Sabo’s demise.

Gloom ensues and everybody is left mournful. After some time, Ace is shown receiving a letter from Sabo, before he had taken to the sea. The letter told Ace that Sabo wanted him to take care of Luffy.

Very emotional indeed!

Animation really has taken a huge leap forward! No wonder everyone is gunning for a download of its.

Friday, 17 June 2011

One Piece episode 503 brings another round of adventure!

Gradually, the ongoing arc has become so engrossing, that everyone is tempted to know about the upcoming segment well in advance. And if you are also one of them, stay tuned for a foresight into the next segment! Here we go!
As you all know, the Bluejam Pirates have been after the life of Ace and his mother, Dadan. But she is as strong as any other member of the pirate groups. Her strength and valor justify her as the mother of great pirates like Luffy and Ace.
In the last segment, the woman fought bravely with her son Ace, to shun away the pirates of the Bluejam clique. Owing to her, Luffy and her family got a chance to escape from the place. Her antics made me all the more eager to watch the next plan of Blujam Pirates.
What say you?
It was one of the must watch installments of the series, laced with incredible fighting sequences. And don’t go thinking that Luffy acted a coward, as he had little chance against the whole troupe of Bluejam Pirates, with no one else to help him.
It seems that Sabo is all set to start his new life, as he has left the island. He arrived on this decision after several debates and discussions. Moreover, it seems like he didn’t want to confront the Celestial Dragon, as he left the same day when Celestial Dragon was about to arrive! Good thinking Sabo!
On the other hand, Sabo’s father has been desperately searching for his son. The more he tries, the more difficult it becomes. It will be very interesting to catch One Piece episode 503 and see where this father-son chase takes him to.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Beware…The Gray Terminal is in Crisis In One Piece episode 501!

Yes you read it right!

The danger has been dangling on the top of Gray Terminal and the life of its occupants is in a perilous state. Take it easy friends, this is just speculation, and everything will be revealed only in One Piece 501
In the previous arc of your favorite anime series, noble Stelly from Sabo’s family shared a few things about the fate of Gray Terminal. It’s the same place, where Sabo secretly hides himself from his father’s sight. It is great that Sabo came out of his den, otherwise he would have died. 

According to the latest information, the Gray Terminal will be purged by fire. Flames have already lit, but as such nothing has been revealed about this destructive force. 

Sabo got a chance to know that Bluejam has intentions to burn down the terminal, which is covered with dense forests. Will Sabo revisit the terminal to save others’ lives? What are the intentions of Bluejam pirates? These queries give birth to the exciting episode called ‘The Flames Are Lit - The Gray Terminal's Crisis’, all set to air soon.  

This action-filled nail-biting installment will give you several reasons to watch One Piece episode 501 online. So, get ready to explore the mystery behind the flame that ushers in the Gray Terminal’s days of sorrow. 

The most difficult situation arrives in front of Sabo, when his father sends a force to search for him. On the other hand, the villagers of Gray Terminal don’t want any outsider to interfere in their personal problems. 

It seems that Sabo has shot himself in the foot by leaving the terminal.  Luffy and Ace are still in the Gray Terminal and they can help Sabo in saving the terminal. 

The familial battle of Sabo and his father has been putting others in trouble. It seems that only a demonic intervention can stop this tug of war!